The Safety Assessment of MV. Winposh Rampat at Towing Rig Activity during Towing Rig Coslboss at Bintuni Bays

  • Moh Aziz Rohman Politeknik Pelayaran Malahayati Aceh
  • Siti Raudhah Maidari Politeknik Pelayaran Malahayati Aceh
  • Ridho Azis Ichwan Politeknik Pelayaran Malahayati Aceh
Keywords: Rig Move; Multiple Causation Model; Safety Assessment


Rig Move is the activity of dismantling and moving drilling rigs by using tugboats from one location to another. There are many conditions and actions during the activity resulting in the ship damage or injury to the crew. In order to know the dangers that will be caused in the rig move activity therefore the safety assessment must be carried out properly. The author identifies the causes of the hazards that occur using the Multiple Causation Model theory. The Multiple Causation Model Theory based on an accident formed due to unsafe conditions and actions. Based on the results of the research, after the causes are identified, the safety assessment can be carried out to look for things that have intolerable properties. With this safety assessment, the captain, as the leader of the ship and the crew in the rig move, knows and are careful in any unsafe conditions and actions that can cause danger and make quick, effective and safe decisions.