Effective Coaching Patterns for Cadets to Anticipate Violence Between Senior and Juniors

  • Jumardin Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Makassar
Keywords: Coaching Pattern, official school, cadets


The research is aimed find out to know whether the pattern of coaching that has been held at the Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Makassar has been running effectively or not. In addition, this study also finds out what characters the cadets have from the coaching styles that have been implemented in the PIP Makassar environment. This study uses a qualitative research method that produces and process of descriptive data such as interview transcripts, notes field, picture, photos, recordings and videos. The techniques use in selecting the subjects in this study was purposive sampling techniques.The research result of this is pattern of development during this already considered running effectively by cadets for mental shape cadets as a professional sailor. The cadets feel that they are used to the harsh conditions on the boat while sailing and the cadets feel that they are used to the harsh conditions on the boat while sailing. The characters obtained from the coaching patterns have been taking place at PIP Makassar have been considered by both cadets and alumni because they are able to shape cadets and alumni to become individuals who have tough character, have goodself-control and responsibility.