The Improvement of Local Shipping Safety in Makassar

  • Joe Ronald K. Bokau Barombong Maritime Polytechnic
Keywords: Traditional, Shipping, Safety, Security, Makassar


Traditional Shipping is a traditional business of the people and has its own characteristics to carry out transportation in waters using sailing ships including Pinisi, Motorized Sailing Ships, and/or simple motorized boats of a certain size. Accidents in people's voyages still often occur in the waters of Makassar City. This study aims to analyze the improvement of local shipping safety in Makassar. This research is a qualitative descriptive method using SWOT analysis. The results of this study show 1). Seaworthiness Conditions of Traditional Ships regarding the implementation of procedures, information on weather conditions, seaworthiness conditions were in the very good category 53.3% and good category by 46.7%. 2). safety management and supervision of sea transportation in Makassar City have performed in accordance with applicable regulations and procedures so that the services provided in the excellent category were 50.0%, in the good category at 46.7%, and in the poor category 3.3%. 3). Plans to reduce shipping accidents in Makassar, namely the establishment of the Syandu Program (Syahbandar Education) program and conducting field supervision on 1x vessels are in a good category at 60.0% and in the very good category at 40.0%