Development of Maritime English Learning Construct in Navigation Functions at Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Makassar

  • Ahmad Fauzi Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Makassar
  • Sukirno Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Makassar
  • Raphael Baumler World Maritime University, WMU - Sweden
Keywords: Learning Construct, Maritime English, Navigation Function, Shipping Competence.


Development of Maritime English Learning Construct in Navigation Function of Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran. Learning in Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran must be able to adapt to the latest needs in preparing graduates to have knowledge, understanding and skills of Maritime English in navigation functions so that they meet the minimum requirements as a commercial shipping officer as stipulated in STCW. This study aims to determine how the construct of Maritime English learning in navigation functions with a model developed at Politeknik ilmu Pelayaran. The study was conducted with a model development approach and questionnaires were used to collect data. The research sample were student officers of the Diklat Pelaut I, Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran. The sampling technique used is proportional random sampling. The data were analyzed by qualitative and quantitative method.